ADDO Index™ is a must-have for organizations that want to develop high performing teams. Our team of experts uses scientific assessments to establish a baseline for the current mix of personality types and styles on your team. Then, through both a guided debrief and easy-to-use action plans, we partner with your organization to help you unlock your team's potential and drive measurable results for your organization.

How It Works


Online Assessment

ADDO Index begins with a series of online assessments that profile your DISC mix, your Driving Forces, and your Emotional Intelligence. The results help you understand how you’re wired, why you’re wired that way, and the best way for you to interact with others. Our team delivers an Executive Summary that helps bring clarity to your areas of strength and most fulfilling role for you in the workplace.

Call Debrief

Personalized Debrief

Then, one of our ADDO Analysts walks you through your personalized action plan in a debrief session. We lean in on growth opportunities and potential personality potholes that you may need to avoid.


Group Session

Group Session

We then lead your entire team through a teamwide debrief. The goal of this session is to empower your team members to really understand each other as individuals, while also recognizing the unique dynamics they can unlock by leveraging one another’s strengths.



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