ADDO Index™ develops leaders and builds high-performing teams. Through scientific assessments, facilitated debriefs, and tangible action plans, ADDO Index™ helps you drill down to specific insights and strategies, producing measurable results for you and your organization.

How It Works


Online Assessment

Individuals complete online scientific assessments including DISC, Driving Forces, and EQ. These identify behavioral styles (the “how”), motivators (the “why”), and emotional intelligence. Your results allow ADDO to create an Executive Summary highlighting key areas of strength and value to your organization.

Call Debrief

Personalized Debrief

ADDO conducts personalized debriefs to identify unique strengths and growth opportunities. Individuals receive a Personalized Action Plan to develop key attributes for superior performance.

Group Session
Group Session

ADDO facilitates a group session that empowers teams to achieve maximum effectiveness based on combined results. Actionable solutions are tailored to each team for practical application and optimal efficiency.



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